Western riding

Western riding

Anu ja Mikelo training in a round pen when Mikelo was 3 years old.


hepat ovat marraskuun loppuun asti ansaitulla omalla treeni-/lepolomalla kiireisen kesän ja syksyn jälkeen.

Voisitte kysyä ratsastusta Outisen Ratsastuskeskuksesta Kemijärveltä.

Tervetuloa meille joku toinen kerta! Marraskuun lopulta maalis-/huhtikuulle ratsastetaan lumisella polulla metsän keskellä tasamaalla ja kesä-syyskuussa päästään tuntureille (Soutaja ja Kultakero) ratsain. Kaikki meidän hevoset ovat western-koulutettuja ja ryhmien koko 1-4 hlö.

Horse Programs are out of service until 1st. of Dec.
T. Anu ja Antti




MIDNIGHT SUN HORSEBACK RIDING tour to the peak of Kultakero (Pyhä) starts from Lucky Ranch located in the village of Pyhäjärvi at 20.00. We will prepare horses together in the stable and then move to our riding area where all safety instuctions are given. After that the journey may begin. On the top we will enjoy of the tremendous view, midsummer's nature sounds and some tasty snacks. When the sun starts to climb up we will head back to the ranch. You need to have some previous riding experience to attend this trip since the terrain is challenging. Age limit 12 years.

You can borrow a riding cap from us, but please wear good shoes with heels and clothes suitable for the day's weather conditions.

Price 250€/ person



Welcome to spend unforgettable moments at Lucky Ranch! With horses our working philosophy is based on good communication between horse and rider. Once you have the connection working together is safer, effortless and fun. In the beautiful Pyhä-Luosto national park we offer programmes like guided hiking tours and canooing.

During the weekend you will get to participate on western riding and horsemanship lessons, theory lessons of different kind of cathegories such as training a young horse, western riding equipment, problem solving, variety of western riding etc., hiking in Pyhä-Luosto national park, canooing in river Pyhäjoki, fascinating of the midnight sun, relaxing sauna moments, swimming in lake Pyhäjärvi and having good time with nice people.

We customize the programme individually according your skills and requests. You are welcome even though you don`t have any previous experience of (western)riding. Appalosa gelding Oliver and quarterhorse gelding Roy are well trained and nice horses who can teach you from very beginning to advanced manouvers. There are max. 2 persons on each western riding/ horsemanship lesson.

Price for the weekend 450€/ person inc. Vat

Minimum 2 persons, maximum 4 person/ weekend. Course starts on Friday at 10 am and is finished by Sunday at 3 pm. If you want you can arrive already on Thursday evening (additional fee 50€).

Price includes accommodation, bed linen and towels, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack) from Friday's lunch to Sunday's lunch, 3 western riding/ horsemanship lessons, 2 theory lessons, guided hiking tour and guided canooing tour + equipment.

You can take a night train from Helsinki to Kemijärvi or take train, bus or fly to Rovaniemi. We can pick you up from Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi on additional fee.


Western riding lesson

Western riding lesson on a American quarterhorse Roy or Appalosahorse Oliver. There is no need to have previous experience of (western) riding. During the lesson we concentrate on building a good relationship between rider and horse. Ground work excersises are always included before mounting.

Duration:1,5 h
1-2 persons/ program
Price: First time: Private lesson 50€/ person, Group lesson 40€/ person. Following lessons: Private lesson 40€/person, group lesson 30€/ person
Availability: On request

Cowboy spirit

 During the lesson we concentrate on how to connect with a horse. You will learn things about natural behaviour of the horse and learn how to read his expressive behaviour. All exercises are based on groundwork in a round pen so there is no riding in this lesson.

Duration:1,5 h
1- 2 persons/ program
Price: First time: Private lesson 50€/ person, Group lesson 40€/ person. Following lessons: Private lesson 40€/person, group lesson 30€/ person
Availability: On request

Feel the horse

Arriving to Lucky Ranch and introducing our horses. Saddling in the stable and moving to the round pen. In the round pen we let the horse free and learn how to communicate with him the same way as they do in a wild herd. After that we do some exercises that keep the horse flexible and in balance. Once you feel confortable with the horse it`s time to get in the saddle. Our quarterhorse Roy and appalosa Oliver are western trained horses and they will teach you how to ride western style.

Before leaving the ranch we will enjoy a hot beverage in the hut by open fire and have a conversation about what we have learned. Through horses we can learn for example living in the moment, awareness, self-approvement, consistency,and standing on your own two feet.

Duration:3 h
Max 4 persons/ program
Price: 100€/ person

Availability: Tilauksesta/ On request

Fiftys Royal Bars

Roy is an excellent teacher. He is always aware what he is doing and ignores the rider if he tryes to take him out of balance. But when the rider is relaxed and has a confidence with Roy he is the most divine quarterhorse to ride.

Blanket Jac "Oliver"

 Oliver is our newest grew member. He is an appalosa gelding and very cleaver boy. He is always in a good mood and looking for an adventure or fun things to do. Oliver is also teaching people with Roy.


Viiru is very social cat always ready for a cuddle.

Gino & Tanka

Gino is welsh gorgi pembroke and he is a real herder. Very cleaver and sweet dog who thinks that has a very important mission to do at the ranch, and so he does. Nobody arrives without him noticing. 

Tanka is australian cattle dog and she is Anu's working buddy. Very active and playfull dog and always aware of everything.

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